Electrical Meters/Testers Familiarisation*

Electrical Meters/Testers Familiarisation*

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This course runs at our training facilities in Mackay QLD and Rutherford NSW. Alternatively, training can be delivered onsite at your workplace (Minimum numbers may apply).


1 Day


Multi-Meters & Non-contact testers (Non Accredited)

The course covers the operation, function, selection and hazards of typical testing equipment and covers

  • Multi-meters
  • General
  • Voltage spikes
  • Transient protection
  • Overvoltage installation categories
  • Transients–the hidden danger
  • Understanding voltage withstand ratings
  • Creepage and clearance
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detectors
  • Ausdac Deadline Voltage Checker (TX5054)
  • Metrix MX 57Ex Multi-meter
  • University CTY 500Ma
  • Parameter Matching
  • Continuity Test
  • Insulation Resistance Test (IR)
  • Note: Other meters/Testers can be added as required

High Voltage Meters

Kyoritsu 10 kV Insulation Tester & Baur High Voltage Insulation Tester
Model PGK25 (Non Accredited)

Developed specifically for the Kyoritsu 10 kV Insulation Tester Model 3124 and the Baur High Voltage Insulation Tester model PGK25 unit, this course is designed to provide electrical testing personnel with the skills set to operate the equipment safely by covering:

  • Purpose
  • Preparation and Communication
  • Hazard Identification
  • Operation Procedure
  • Safety Requirements
  • General
  • Operating Voltage & Supply
  • Recommended Test Voltages
  • Operation
  • Circuit Discharge
  • Points to Remember

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  • 23-Dec-2016
  • 11-Jan-2017
  • 23-Dec-2016